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Resources for Human Development has established a variety of programs improving the lives of men and women who are reintegrating into society after incarceration.  RHD recognizes that second chances are often difficult to come by, so our priority is to help provide the opportunities.

Our person-centered approach allows us to foster several programs such as C.O.R.E., a long-term (6-month) community reintegration recovery program for individuals with mental health and substance abuse, which works with returning citizens as they prepare for re-entry into society and a new start.

With more than two decades of experience assisting returning citizens, RHD partners with returning citizens to promote independence, responsibility and continual growth.

Some other reentry programs offered by RHD include I'M FREE (Females Reentering Empowering Each Other), and others found on  Please access RHD for all of the great resources they offer to returning citizens, their families and their stakeholders.



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