About ReEntryUSA

According to the United States Department of Justice over 10,000 prisoners in America are released every week into our neighborhoods. They struggle to find food, housing, and jobs in a society that often rejects them because of their past. Up to two thirds go back to prison within three years because they do not know where or how to get the help they need to stay out of jail.

The good news is there are more resources than ever to help ex-offenders become law-abiding tax-paying citizens but somebody needs to find and put all these resources together into one national and easy-to-use database.

We are proud to report that a team of MBA Students from Villanova University School of Business has studied the vision of ReEntryUSA and has documented a path for our success. We are also honored to announce that ReEntryUSA has entered into an agreement with and has the support of the Philadelphia Leadership Foundation and its Chairman former Philadelphia Mayor W. Wilson Goode .

Will you volunteer a few hours each month from the comfort of your home and the convenience of your personal computer to help us build this critically needed database? Your time and talent can help make neighborhoods all across America safer and more productive. If you can help with data-entry, research, grant writing, or marketing, or would like to donate a tax-deductible contribution please contact us and let us know.

With the support of the Philadelphia Leadership Foundation, Villanova University, and you we can do this!